Results of our fundraising for Cancer Research UK over Christmas 2017

The results of the Cancer Research UK Christmas Big Prize Draw are now in and are detailed in the transcript of the email from Cancer Research UK below.

Unfortunately, none of the tickets which inAid distributed won any of the prizes, but we can at least take comfort from the fact that, thanks to your support, we donated £111 of the £40,000 in ticket sales that will help in the fight to Beat Cancer Sooner.

IN ADDITION , many, many thanks to everyone who used the link in November and December to buy from Amazon. We’ve now received November’s commission payment of £182.14 which represented 170 orders placed by YOU! This amount, and the £111 for ticket sales, have already been paid over to Cancer Research UK’s inAid project page. December’s total looks to be £180.80, although some items may still be returned to Amazon so this may change. The final statement for December will arrive from Amazon at the end of February.

SO – it looks as though we’ve raised over £470 for Cancer Research UK over the Christmas period! Well done everybody!

This absolutely fantastic response has prompted me to extend the shopping sites available from which we can earn commission. I’ve developed a new website which will go live on 12th February – It’s in the final development stage at the moment. There will be many more online stores and I’ll be adding to them frequently. So, PLEASE, keep shopping online via until then, and remember, a single click helps save lives!

Many thanks for your brilliant support. Alan.

Text of the email from Cancer Research UK

Dear Alan,

We are delighted to announce the winners from this year’s Big Prize Draw!

The first prizewinner is Alison Sherwin from Littleborough, near Rochdale! Alison is a friend of the Three Amigos fundraising group, who are also based in Littleborough. Alison and her husband often support the Three Amigos with their fundraising in the local area, so when they were promoting tickets for the Big Prize Draw, Alison was happy to get involved to support them. Little did she know that her ticket would be so lucky!

After finding out that she had the winning ticket, Alison decided to take the cash prize of £10,000. On receiving her cheque Alison said  “I am totally overwhelmed and still can’t believe that I have won!” and when asked as to why she felt compelled to support the draw she replied, “A member of my immediate family is battling cancer so I support cancer research whenever I can.”

Andy from the Three Amigos said “We are overjoyed that we sold the winning ticket as we are a small community! We wish Alison all the best and she is a much deserved winner!”

Our runners up were also announced as Catherine Ness from Aberdeenshire (2nd Prize, £500) and Catherine Hayden from Dorset (3rd Prize, £250).

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who got behind the Big Prize Draw and supported the work of Cancer Research UK which raised a fantastic £40,000 to help beat cancer sooner.


Laura Megatli.

Local Fundraising Manager- South West London
Mobile: 07585999023